Elizabeth is enjoying golfing with less back and foot pain

I started seeing Dr. Ginette for my neck and low back problems as well as for pain and stiffness in my foot after having a bunion removed years ago. Shortly after starting care, I could get up in the morning without being stiff and bent over. My feet are better as well, and I’m able to walk for longer period of time without worry. Now, I can golf and walk 18 holes, whereas before I could barely finish 9 holes because of my foot and back pain… it’s wonderful!!

Coralie had a healthy pregnancy with less back pain

During my third trimester of my third pregnancy, I was having lower back and hip pain that radiated down my leg and into my groin. At times I could barely walk as one of my legs would hurt badly when I tried to lift it and move forward. I also had a shoulder pain that radiated down the side of my arm.

After starting care with Dr. Ginette, my shoulder pain is gone. My hip and back pain improved greatly for the remainder of my healthy pregnancy. Just walking, bending and getting around is a lot easier now. My family life has improved as a result since I can keep up with my young boys and newborn without pain.

Dr. Ginette St. Pierre is very thorough. She takes the time to explain everything and goes above and beyond to offer advice and tips on how I can help improve my health in my daily life. I would recommend her to anyone suffering from a chronic pain issue.

Polina’s “growing pains” and headaches resolved with care

My mom brought me to see Dr. Ginette because I was having headaches and my legs would hurt at night, like ‘growing pains’. I couldn’t sleep and my mom would try to rub my legs. Since being under care with Dr. Ginette, I don’t have any more growing pains in my legs and my headaches are rare now. After being adjusted, “I feel like I can fly, I feel better”.

Lena has more energy to enjoy what she loves with less neck pain

After suffering from neck pain for eight years and having headaches two to three times a month for the past 20 years, I was tired of having this pain. As well, every month with my menstrual cycle, I would have an ache in my low back and pain in my legs. And, when I was a young girl, I was also told I had a scoliosis, a curve in my low back.

I met Dr. Ginette and she took the time to explain how she could help. Within two weeks, I didn’t have any more headaches and much less neck pain. The next month during my cycle, I didn’t have any low back or leg pain.

With Chiropractic care, I have more energy now and I can do my work more easily. I also take less pain medication. “La vie est belle!”

Alex is sleeping better and has better mobility

I was suffering with headaches and neck pain for over 7 years. There were times that I would not be able to sleep due to these headaches and it was difficult to work the next day. I could not move my neck well and noticed while driving it was difficult to turn my head to do a proper “blind spot check”.

My wife recommended that I try Chiropractic care. Dr. Ginette performed some adjustments to improve my spine. She also gave me some exercises, stretches and simple things to change at work to help me. I have noticed that my headaches and the range of motion in my neck have improved a lot. I also sleep better at night!

Andrew can enjoy playing with his kids and has less back pain at work

A short time ago, I was having chronic, severe lower back pain. I had trouble at work. It was hard to get work done around the yard and I could barely even lift my children. I was almost always in at least some pain. The pain had been bothering me for over ten years!

Now, I have almost no pain at all! I can lift and play with my kids easily, and work outside painlessly. I also used to have knee and shoulder pain that have since gone away as well.

My life has improved since I began Chiropractic care. I don’t have to take medication for back pain anymore which makes me very happy. I have a very physical job and I’m happy that I don’t constantly have pain at work anymore. Chiropractic care is extremely effective. You can live without constant back pain.

Dr. Ginette has a great way of explaining things simply and effectively. If you ask her a question, you will always get an answer you can understand.

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