Chiropractic is not just for humans. In fact, it can be

very beneficial to animals as well!

Please note that Dr. Ginette sees dogs by appointment, contact us to see how we can can help your furry friend.

Chiropractic is not just for humans. In fact, it can be very beneficial to animals as well! – which is why Dr. Ginette offers animal chiropractic services at the clinic and on-location (for horses).

She completed her certification in animal chiropractic in February 2017 at the Veterinary Chiropractic Learning Centre in Ontario and now treats dogs, cats, horses and, on occasion, other animals as well. As an animal lover, she’s thrilled to be working with four-legged clients – and that she can now ensure that ALL members of the family are well adjusted!

Animal Chiropractor in South Windsor

The process – and benefits – of chiropractic are very similar for animals as they are for us humans. Dr. Ginette will look for abnormal or restricted movement of the joints of the spine and extremities, and adjust as necessary to restore proper movement, reduce pain, improve mobility, and allow the nervous system and body to function at its maximum healthy potential.

Chiropractic care is tremendously beneficial for healthy and athletic animals, and can also be used to treat animals that are experiencing pain, stiffness, nerve problems, movement issues, or any number of other problems. You can read more about why your pet might visit a Certified Animal Chiropractor in our FAQ section.

It’s important to note that chiropractic care does not replace veterinary care. Dr. Ginette will work in collaboration with your vet and refer you back if she feels necessary.

We also welcome inquiries at any time and are always happy to speak in person about how Animal Chiropractic could benefit your animal(s). Book your four-legged friend’s appointment today! Call 519-966-7880.

Putting the spring back in Kaniq’s step

My 3-year-old Keeshond, Kaniq, competes in Conformation, Rally and Barn Hunt. She also does agility – just for fun. I had been noticing that she was finding it difficult to jump – to the point of avoidance, the occasional yelp and that her gait was off. Dr. Ginette to the rescue! After a few chiropractic adjustments, my girl is as good as new and back to doing what she loves! I am so thankful that we have this kind of knowledge in our area. Dr. Ginette has a wonderful touch with animals and Kaniq is always glad to see her. That’s a good sign! Thank you, Dr. Ginette, for putting the spring back in Kaniq’s step!

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