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Holistic Nutrition centers on a natural approach to overall health. Instead of focusing on just one aspect, or take a one size fits all approach, Holistic Nutrition considers the individual as a whole (physically and emotionally) and evaluates one’s complete health history, emotional state, lifestyle and current dietary habits to determine the root cause of their health issues and to create a state of well being for optimal health and energy. Holistic Nutrition encourages the use of whole, live good quality and nutrient dense foods as a meals of helping prevent disease and create balance for each individual.

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How can I help you?

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, I work as your guide and your coach to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle. I work with you based on your specific and individual needs. I am trained in proper nutrition which is the basis of good health. I recognize that we are all biochemically unique and have distinct nutritional, supplemental and lifestyle needs. I can guide and educate you as well as create nutritional protocols to help you achieve better health through food , lifestyle and emotional well being.

I completed my studies in Natural Nutrition from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in 2017, I have been a long standing member of the Health and Wellness industry in Windsor Ontario, as a Yoga teacher since 2011, and most recently become a dedicated Global Bowspring instructor ans well as and Access Bars practitioner.

I am dedicated to helping you meet your health goals, with one on one or small group coaching. Whether you are looking to lose weight, a manage a chronic condition or simply want to live a healthier lifestyle. I am here for you.

At the Holistic Chiropractic and Wellness Clinic, our Registered Holistic Nutritionist is Heather Bryans, who you can read more about here.

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If you have additional questions, or would like to book a session with Heather, please feel free to contact her directly at 519-564-5965.

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