Quantum Neurological Reset Therapy – QNRT

We Are a Lot Like the Phones We Carry

Our minds and bodies are AMAZING and complex systems! Even when we are sitting perfectly still, there is a lot going on. You could even think of these systems operating in the way that your smartphone operates: the computer inside of your phone performs calculations and runs routines, then the screen displays the results. While we may not have screens, the actions and physical performance of our bodies is how our minds “display” the output of their calculations.

But your phone doesn’t always behave, does it? Sometimes, it runs very slowly. Perhaps an app won’t “do” what it is supposed to do. Maybe it takes a while for the keyboard to come up so that you can give it new instructions. These may be small issues, but they can build up and create quite the annoyance! Over time, if you don’t deal with them, the whole phone operating system suffers and it becomes impossible to get anything done.

When your smartphone has issues like these, what do you do? Most experts would tell you that a quick reset is all you need. By triggering the system’s own resetting process, you are able to “dump” the bad code that has created the issues. You can turn off the apps that are glitchy. You can take your phone back to a state of proper function so that you can accomplish what you need to get done. In many cases, a simple reset makes your phone feel almost brand new again!

Quantum Neurological Reset Therapy

What Does QNRT Feel Like? Kim and Ronda Share Their Stories

Resetting YOUR Systems

The magic of resetting your phone and having it operate efficiently is also available in my office to help YOU! Years of research have produced incredibly complex scientific and technological innovations that provide insight into better understanding the operating systems that fuel our brain and central nervous systems. In the same way that we are able to reboot your smartphone, you can now experience a reboot of your brain and central nervous system in our office. This provides INCREDIBLE benefits that reduce and remove the interference that leaves you feeling slow, puts you in a bad mood, reduces your ability to concentrate, and Guess what? We now have the technology to do essentially the same thing with your brain and nervous system. We can reboot them and clear away the external factors that slow you down, alter your mood, reduce your ability to concentrate, and cause many other problems.

This wonderful program is called Quantum Neurological Reset Therapy, or QNRT. Relying on your brain and central nervous system to coordinate and control all functions of your body, QNRT addresses the adverse, emotional stresses that come from life’s events that are not resolved properly. These stresses, when left unresolved, actually create long-term changes within your central nervous system. They produce physical, biochemical, and emotional problems that many doctors struggle to diagnose and address to the satisfaction of their patients.

Many common experiences find their roots in past emotional events. Many QNRT patients are able to see significant improvements with issues like:

  • difficulty sleeping
  • anxiety/depression
  • feelings of nervousness in general or relative to specific types of experiences
  • general fatigue
  • gastrointestinal complications

This unique therapy equips us with the tools to better assess your nervous system and then build a customized care plan that addresses the true root causes of your body’s challenges.

What Can You Expect in a QNRT Session?

First: know that this is not talk therapy. Instead, this protocol is used to determine the emotional trauma or event that needs to be reset. Then, we use a specific protocol using neurological tests and specific neurologic inputs. These neurologic inputs are found on different parts of your head, organs, and tissues. We will stimulate these point by gently touching them or by using a low-level light therapy device.

During the discovery session, we will tell you at what age the event occurred! We will also identify other key pieces of the puzzle and amazingly enough, since your 95% subconscious brain is guiding us to the issue, you will more often than not have the event pop right into your head. You will be amazed at how accurate this is! We are then able to reset the effects of the trauma again using neurological tests and specific neurologic points on the body.

How Do You Know If You Would Benefit From QNRT?

QNRT is not for everyone, but we have developed a rapid analysis that will help us understand if you are a fit for this kind of gentle care. Schedule a 60 minute session in our office to find out if QNRT is a great fit for you.

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